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Amber + Chris Wedding Video

Amber + Chris Wedding Video


The story of Amber + Chris goes back 10 years. ‘She was just a small town girl livin’ in a lonely world’ of Bowling Green, Va. ‘He was just a city boy born and raised right here in’ Bowling Green, Va. OK, you know what I mean hahaha. They met and knew each other for sometime. Whenever he was single, she wasn’t and vice versa UNTIL finally the stars aligned! Chris jumped at the chance to let her know he has never stopped thinking about her. Chris asked Amber out on a date to Snack Shack in Spottsylvania, Va. You could say it was love at firat sight, but for Chris, he was in love with Amber long before that 1st date. He could never get her off his mind! True love had already grown roots! So two years ago, riding side by sides in a mountain top in Kentucky Chris popped the question!


Finally the stars Aligned for Amber + Chris

According to Chris he KNEW she was going to sat YES! Amber was relieved and happy to the point of tears that their true love was finally going to be FOREVER! Chris said he knew in his 20’s he was going to marry her and have kids… lots of kids! A beautiful wedding ceremony and reception at the lovely  The Barns of Mattaponi in Ruther Glen, Va. Ron and John from LOLphotobooth added to the fun! Enjoy the wedding video highlight.

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