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Erin & Nathan’s Wedding Video

Erin & Nathan’s Wedding Video

Erin & Nathan’s Wedding Video began innocently enough in 2017 in DC. By the summer of 2021, they were engaged!!!

How We Met

Good ole’ Public Bar in Washington, D.C! It’s safe to say that we both tell this part of the story a little differently. Nathan will tell you I talked to his brother first and I will tell you that was all part of my plan (sorry Jason)! After a little behind-the-scenes work was done and my number was acquired (about a week after actually meeting out at the bar), Nathan asked me out on our first date! I was so nervous, I almost made up an excuse not to go..boy am I glad I didn’t.

Our First Date

After talking for literally 3 plus hours, something we are both really good at 😜, Nathan asked if I wanted to go get another drink somewhere. I guess that meant it was going well but I let that one go completely over my head. Nervously looking at my phone, I knew my bedtime alarm was about to go off and thought it was a good time to head home. He thought I hated him, I just thought about getting enough sleep in order to deal with 6-year-olds the next morning. That was 6 years ago and I still love dating you! Ps. I still go to bed before 10.

Ceremony and Reception

was held at the beautiful Oakdale_RVA. Nicki Metcalf Photography  taking great pics and the Music was awesome spun by DJ Rodney Lee

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