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Beautiful Outdoor Wedding Venues

 Beautiful outdoor wedding venues. The last couple of years we’ve had the pleasure of shooting some great spots. Here you are a few of our favorite locations. It has as much to do with the wedding location as it does with the bridal party and the guests. You have many options weather it’s a plantation, historic venue or a Riverside view.

Tredegar Ironworks Wedding Venues

This is a charming, full service venue that is nestled between the Ethel corporation plantation and the James River in downtown Richmond. With beautiful stone backdrops, scenic gardens and historic factory buildings this venue takes you back to the early 1800s. It’s now been restored into a museum but the back lot makes a perfect place for a wedding reception. On the side with a large warehouse wooden door is a perfect backdrop for your wedding ceremony. Check out this video below with Amanda and Robert as they had a fantastic time getting married at Tredegar!

The Pavilion at Weatherly

Weatherly Farm is Maryland’s premier waterfront venue offering stunning and picturesque views of the Potomac river. This exquisite location faces the sunset and more than 500 feet of water shoreline making it beautiful for video. It’s located about an hour and a half from Richmond but worth the drive! Luke and Vicky had a great day the heady comedy between the two of them made you laugh all day long. The toast that night at the reception had everybody’s ribs hurting it was a capacity crowd at the pavilion and everyone stayed till they were kicked out that was a party!
See the video below.

The Boathouse at Sunday Park

This is a beautiful waterfront venue in Chesterfield. Though it looks like a modified barn has more of a feel of a club resort. You can have your ceremony outdoors provided the weather is great and that’s what you want because you have a beautiful view of the swift creek reservoir. A beautiful long inviting pier great for pictures with the bride and the groom or the entire bridal party. You might have unexpected guest in a flock of geese but that’s always fun. There is a nice yet adequate pavilion for the reception but the real draw to Sunday park is the pavilion the walkway down the aisle and the vista of the lake and greenery that makes it. And should somebody want to go to an after party you can have it right there at the sunday park bar adjacent to the wedding venue makes it convenient  check out!
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