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Santa’s Workshop Christmas video!

Santa’s Workshop Christmas video

Welcome to Santa’s Workshop Christmas video! Willow’s playfulness gets her in a bit of trouble when she opens Santa’s magical box and all of the toys come to life! How will she reverse the magic before Santa finds out? Join us as we peak into the fun that is Willow’s Whimsical Workshop!
his video will bring the entire family together on winter nights. Santa’s Workshop is a customized space, that provides unique and culturally relevant holiday picture moments that will impact families for years to come. The response from kids and parents has been nothing but positive, which is overwhelmingly comforting. We always find that the adults have more fun than the kids. I have always been one who enjoyed Christmas so to have built something that is filling a void within my community is the greatest gift I could truly ask for. Imagine, if you will, the inside of Santa’s workshop — a magical space filled with elves, softly glowing Christmas lights, vintage toys and the big guy himself making merry. Christmas video

Santa’s Workshop video

Relive the fun and sweet performances of all the great kids and their hard work! very child deserves to experience the joy of Christmas regardless of circumstance, To be able to give back to the community — that’s what it’s all about. Christmas is a favorite time of year for a lot of children, and even adults. There are tons of fun activities that you can promote and set up for your child leading up to, and even following Christmas, to encourage the love for the holiday and the excitement that goes along with it even more.

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