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Searching for wedding venues is very personal. You looking for a location that sets off a vibe that will accentuate your wedding experience. There are literally dozens of outstanding wedding venues in Virginia it’s hard to pick it’s even harder to find time to go out and travel to these places and walk the grounds. In our many years of capturing weddings in Virginia we definitely have our favorites. When it comes to our brides they seem to go to a select few and we are lucky enough to be part of their wedding day. Speaking of, the first one that comes  as a popular choice is;

Dominion Wedding Club

Pssst! Check out this killer vibe on this promo video we made for the Dominion Wedding Club, Love it..

There’s something about this place that just says it’s time for a party. You have the country club feel. You have the golf course and a huge lake in front of you with a beautiful gazebo in the distance side.  The clubhouse itself has a beautiful copper top dome that speaks to elegance and opulence. The interior has your classic country club dining room feel with a grand staircase that says “hey I’m somebody”. When you add in a bunch of family and friends that are there for a good time a DJ  captures the feel of the the mood of the people and plays one great song after another it’s easy to see why this is such a popular venue in Richmond. No, it’s not a fancy castle. It’s not your run-of-the-mill hotel ballroom. Not even a plantation setting, those are all good there’s just some thing about this place that says relax take it easy we’re having fun here. For example, here’s a couple of videos from some of our favorite brides showing exactly that.

What makes a great location for you?

A place where you personally the architecture and decor? Some place you think you’ll guest will like more important? It’s a process that takes time and thought. Happy wedding season and enjoy the sample videos!

wedding video
Wedding video