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” We love the video highlight and so glad that we can play it anytime we want to relive our wedding experience. Ivan was able to capture our whole ceremony so everyone that couldn’t attend can see! Thank you again! ” Chloe D

Make everyone cry with happiness when they see your wedding video! How many times have you looked at a family member or a friends wedding on social media and saw a multitude of comments of how much they love the way you highlight film?
It’s impressive the outpouring of affection and love that people will comment on a wedding highlight where the imagery in the music go hand-in-hand to evoke the strongest of emotions in a single tear. Creating a vibe to get this reaction from friends and family requires both art and talent. Most viewers don’t stop to think about what goes into a beautiful highlight film they just know they love it. If they’re getting married soon or know someone that is they’ll refer that Videographer.

Alzuro did an amazing job on my wedding video and highlight!Wedding videographer

“I got married on Nov. 14 2020. Ivan did my wedding movie and highlights! They were AMAZING!! I had people that couldn’t make it to the wedding watch the movie and they cried saying it felt like they were right there! I absolutely love his work I will always refer him to everyone I know!”  Savannah H

The key lies and two major factors video and audio.  Capturing great video. It’s just more than pointing and shooting it requires an understanding of composition and framing. Where do I put the newlyweds? Where do I put the bridal party? What’s going to be their background and what pose will they be in? What will they be doing in front of a camera? In the meantime you’re asking yourself  what emotion and what feelings are you getting from the bridal party the newlyweds especially the bride that helped dictate the music bed that goes best with the entire day? It’s when you are in the zone are you able to create the vibe that’ll give your video clout.

Incredible videographer!wedding video

“Iván is amazing! He blew us away with his ability to capture every little detail from our special day. We especially appreciated the drone footage and the lightning quick turn around time in delivering our videos after our wedding. His positivity and professionalism are unmatched, I would not hesitate to do business with him again. Thanks again for everything, Iván!” William W

When it comes to audio have the best microphones placed on the groom or the minister. A great shotgun mic to capture the ambient remarks that are made in the room so that they’re clear and easy to hear it’s crucial. Sure you could have a wedding highlight it set to the lyrics of a song without ever hearing the first utterance for the wedding day. That doesn’t have as much power or evoke the emotion from words of that day that are crafted together to really tell the story, not of just the wedding day but of the lives of these two couples. A wireless mic placed on the groom during the ceremony allows you to get those whispers they gift to each other that no one else can hear. In a moment where two people are zoned out to everything but themselves  the possibility of beautiful words come out a microphone on your camera 70 feet away will never capture that. Or for example, if someone’s giving a toast in the cameras in the back of the room with people talking. You’ll never hear the clear words of how happy the father is  that his daughter has a wonderful man in his life that he considers a son.
Amazing Videographer!
“Ivan was an amazing videographer for my daughter’s Bat Mitzvah. He was professional, took amazing shots and did a great job figuring out who the right people were to include. Both the montage and longer video he did were fantastic. I would not hesitate to book him again in the future! You cannot go wrong with Ivan!” Heather R
When you couple the most important and emotional words of the day with an artist video imagery and you understand the vibe and know the track to pick from music to bring it all together, that’s when you have total strangers crying at your video.

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