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How Much Does a Wedding Videographer Cost?

Wedding Videographer Prices

Wedding videographer costs do not have to be budget breaking! Despite months and maybe even years of planning, your wedding day is fleeting. Fast-paced and exhilarating, this day passes like a summer storm. If a single picture is worth a thousand words, how many is a captured moment of live-action worth?
How Much Does a Wedding Videographer Cost?
Most wedding videographers are independent contractors, so it often varies. Typically, wedding videographers will offer packages and a la carte pricing for extra services, extra time, or extra editing to allow you to customize your package. It is recommended that you start with a standard package and customize it from there to make sure all your bases are covered. You can often get a better bargain this way.
Peak wedding season may also affect the cost for some vendors, making coverage from June through October a bit pricier and harder to secure. The range can often run between $1,200 and $1,500 nationwide or as much as $12,500 for a luxury shoot that turns you into a television-quality star for a day.

What’s Included in the Cost?wedding videographer

The exact inclusions may be personalized to your needs. But certain services are part and parcel of any professional wedding videography package you may book. Expect eight hours of coverage, and know that additional time can cost as much as $100-$200 per hour. Which pays for the videographer’s time, time spent editing additional footage, and video cards. But don’t worry if your day is expected to be longer! This amount of time is usually sufficient to cover everything from wedding day preparation to the cake cutting ceremony.
However, all the key moments in between should be accounted for in your contract. That means working alongside the photographer as the couple gets ready, arriving at the ceremony site in their own vehicle to film it in its entirety, capturing candid moments while syncing up with the DJ during cocktail hour, the couple’s reception entrance, and dances and speeches. Use of your videographer’s gear should also be included, like lavalier microphones, which are discreetly clipped-on mini-mics wired to bodypack transmitters, as well as necessary enhancements like music beds. Licensing fees should not come into play.

Is a Wedding Videographer Worth It?

A wedding videographer is an investment every couple should make.
How far in advance should I book my videographer? What other add-ons should I consider? Raw footage is definitely advised as a supplement, as this means you have every minute of what was shot right in hand. The files can come delivered on a flash drive or hard drive, and the cost for those may vary based on your vendor and the medium available. You can ask for it to be included in your package during negotiation, or add it on a la carte at $200-$500.wedding videographer
What are the different styles that wedding videos may be shot in?
The standard option is a sequential, chronological wedding video that plays through the major points of the day in order. The end result is music-heavy with pops of recorded speech.
Should I opt for a drone?
For grand venues or outdoor weddings, it can add a certain wow factor to the final video. However, bear in mind that of the footage shot, the end result might only include a few seconds of overhead.
It’s worthwhile to ask your wedding videographer if they offer drone services and have shot at your venue before if they have general site footage that they can splice into your video at a lower cost. But don’t get your heart too set on either option; drones may not be permitted at your sites since there are restrictions in cities and certain areas that may even include beaches.
Should I tip my videographer?
Videographers are often not tipped, but gratuities are appreciated. A $50-$200 thank-you is a nice gesture, with $50-$100 going to the lead videographer and $50-$75 for the assistant.Wedding venue
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