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Britney & Tony’s Wedding Video

Britney and Tony wedding video

Tony and I met on a dating app called Bumble in January 2021.

Their wedding video tells a bit but let’s go where it all started. “I love Taco Tuesdays” that is honestly all I remember Tony’s Bumble profile saying because I LOVE Mexican food. I remember sending him a direct message laughing, and he responded, “what’s funny.” The jokes started there, and they have continued. Tony and I were matched on Bumble on a Monday, and he asked me out on a date on that Saturday. However, on that Saturday, around 6 pm, I hadn’t heard from Tony so I started to think I had been stood up. At that time, I thought to myself, “dang, I liked him, but oh well, I wasn’t looking for anything, so I’m good.” I sat on my couch watching television, telling my mom and cousin how I had been stood up, but something said get on Instagram. At that time, I had been fasting from social media for a few months for “my future husband,” and I was determined not to download Instagram. So I heard the holy spirit tell me again to download Instagram. So my plan was, “Okay, if I download Instagram, I’m getting on just to look at my messages and I’m going to delete it again. So around 6 pm, I finally decided to download Instagram, and Tony had direct messaged me at 9:05 am, “Good Morning, I lost my phone. I will have to message you on here.” He attempted to video call me at 6:05 pm, and I finally had Instagram downloaded at 6:46 pm and I responded with, “Luckily, I got on here.” We video chatted so I could make sure it was him, and we planned to continue our conversation and the first date at Sedona Taphouse in Colonial Heights. When I arrived at Sedona, I almost hit Tony (a bad first impression of my driving skills), but he forgave me, and we went on our first date with open minds. Our request on this first date was simple: be honest. We agreed that we were both in good places in life that we didn’t want, nor did we have time for nonsense. We agreed that we would lay everything on the table, good and bad, and decide at the end of the date if we would continue moving forward. Welp, we had a second date on that Sunday and we have continued. That’s Britney’s version! Check out their wedding video below as well as our work on our channel.

How we met, Tony’s versionBritney and Tony wedding video

Ready to watch Britney and Tony’s Wedding Video, wait for it! So the story starts when I matched with her on the dating app Bumble. she seemed to have been well educated, has a good career and judging off the picture she posted she was stylish also. This picture was basically of the back of her head and I could only slightly see part of her face lol. On bumble a male can match but the woman has to send the first message so I was hoping she had good taste and would send me one lol. She did and I remember the jokes starting immediately. She had two truths and a lie up and I told her that her playing basketball is a lie because her profile said she’s only 5’2. I was wrong but she was nice about me joking about her height so I was like aight cool cool a good sense of humor. Things started going too well so I started to think I was being catfished so at one point I asked why she only had one picture and it was barely even showing her face. She tells me it’s not her in the picture. I was like yup I was right it’s a catfish lol. She then sends me a picture and I’m like oh wow okay she’s pretty ! She then explains why she doesn’t post her picture and it made sense because it turned out that we worked in the same field although we have very different positions. Within that same week we made plans to go on a date. I remember it was a Saturday and I wake up and I can’t find my phone. I searched everywhere for it but could not find it. I was like shoot I have a date, she’s going to think I stood her up. Luckily I found my old phone and I sent her a message and sent a message to some of my friends to ask if they saw my phone. For awhile no one answered so I was thinking well no date and I gotta buy another phone, great. Time went past and one of my friends said he found my phone but he wouldn’t be home for awhile so I had to wait to get my phone. I started to think wow she’s going to think I stood her up and by the time I do get to my phone and call her she’s probably going to be mad and just ignore me lol. So I said well maybe she has IG still but just doesn’t get on much to check messages but I wonder if I video call her will she answer? Mind you I first hit her up on IG at 9am, it’s now 6pm and we were suppose to have met up that evening. I video called and no answer.

Wedding video
Our first date – Wedding Video

Britney and Tony wedding video

How we met, Tony’s version Part 2

I grab my phone like an hour later and I see I have a missed message and missed video chat on IG. I was like praise God 🙌🏾 lol. But now I’m like are we about to play phone tag? But we finally caught up to each other and she was understanding of what happened and we planned to meet up. My old phone, which I was using through all this, only works while I’m on wifi so I had to go pick up my regular phone before the date and the restaurant, Sedona, closed at 9. So I rushed to get my phone and get to the restaurant and try to hurry inside. This car almost hit me and everything. I go inside and sit at a table and then a few minutes later she walks in and I was like WOW. I was like yup she’s outta my league so I got all nervous but for some reason I calmed down and the conversation flowed. We both laid everything on the table and let each other know that we weren’t looking for anything in particular. It was easy to go with the flow. I didn’t feel like she was pressuring me into a relationship and vice versa but we still talked about if marriage was a future goal and even talked about religion. So then we headed outside and I was straight up and said look I’m not about playing games, I’m not about to wait a week to hit you up so I can look cool and all that. Now if you want me to do that let me know but I’m not with all that playing hard to get when we both know what we want. She seemed to agree so 2-3 days later we went on another date and then the weekend following another date. But before we left from the first date I walked her to her car while we were conversing about the next date and then I thought to myself why does this car look so familiar?? Then I remembered that she walked in like a minute after I did so I was like did you almost hit someone while pulling in? She said yes, I told her that was me and we both laughed 😂😂 Check out their wedding video below and all our work here on AVP!

We officially started dating in March 2021 and engaged on December 24, 2021. We went to Playa del Carmen for our honeymoon.