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What to Look for in a Wedding Videographer with Clout


A wedding videographer with clout makes all the difference! I empathize with every bride and wedding coordinator that begins the search in a sea full of vendors. So many of them are talented and qualified. Many of them have great reviews. So how do you go about discerning which ones are the ones for you? Do you go just on luck? Feel? Does it get overwhelming because you just don’t know the questions to ask? Many brides I’ve spoken with trudge through this task by putting in a solid months worth of research and calls. Then take a two month break. They don’t even return calls or emails from vendors, there that close to burn out.  After a while you wonder should you just elope? It’s tough isn’t it? Like back in school, first day of algebra class how did anyone ever pass his course? Well, when it comes to the world of  videography let me give you a few pointers on the questions to ask. More importantly what to look for when interviewing a videographer over the phone.Wedding video

Wedding Videographer; How Much do They Divulge?

Are you bleeding answers out of this person or do they sit and tell you exactly what day‘s gonna be like? How they go about capturing the day including special moments you may be looking for of course without ever leading them on. The more they’re in tune with you, the easier the relationship will be to foster.  You normally do not get this with someone who’s doing wedding videos in their first or second year. Why? Because they haven’t gone through enough of a learning curve to understand the nuances of what makes a successful shoot. A wedding or any kind of live event is tricky if you’re not constantly anticipating. A lot of it based on just sheer experience. You’re  rookie Videographer is going to miss key moments. You will be so livid when you look at the video and see so many elements are missing from the highlight or the movie.

Here’s a Few Questions to Ask Wedding videographer


A few remarks you should be looking for from your wedding videographer that tells you they are seasoned, knowledgeable and most of all responsible. When prompted, I should be able to give you a rundown of how the day is going to go pending on what time you have that person arriving to start shooting. Going thru the details of what they’re gonna do during bridal prep. Detail shots like the dress, the rings, the invitations or getting shots of the bridesmaids chatting laughing and making jokes. A journalistic style so they don’t realize they’re being recorded and you get an authentic capture of your best friends. Of course, getting shots of you getting ready and your most complementary moments. No bride wants to get a shot of their face before make up is done for the highlight video, it’s counterproductive. The ceremony, how many cameras where are they position and why are they position where they’re at? The reason you want that information so that you can visualize the work they’re going to do for you. Are they using a wireless mic? Heaven forbid they are silent when you ask them that question! You will never ever get exemplary audio from a microphone at the back of the church or in the back of the reception room while people are talking and your dad is giving you a toast.

The Videographer Should also Be able To Tell You when You can Expect your Highlight. Catherine and Michael

The days of taking three and four months are over. As over as a bad storyline. It doesn’t take anybody 3 to 4 months to put together a great video unless their workflow process is not prioritized and possibly unorganized. At Alzuro Video Productions we are strictly first in – first out  when we’re shooting your wedding movie or your highlight. We edit that following week and it doesn’t take two weeks to get your video when your production team is spending 40 hours that week crafting your awesome fit. Payment is pretty common place. Expect to pay 50% down upon signing of the contract and the balance due the week of the wedding. Someone that’s taking their money long after the wedding is over is a sign of a rookie. Yeah that might be comforting for you to know in case they did a bad job you don’t have to pay them the balance and be able to argue your point. But then is that what you want to end up doing ? Have you spoken with them and you shared your interest? Make sure that they’re excited about what you’re looking for. If their responses are a simple “yup” or ‘ha ha” isn’t gonna cut it. That’s a red flag. Finally, if there’s a tiebreaker needed, check out the reviews on Google, Weddingwire or The Knot.  If you have a person that only has four or five reviews I would dare say they’re suspect. In one shape or another that’s not a good sign.
I Hope this is Helped
It’s not easy sending out email after email hoping that someone gets back to you whether they’re available or not and then manage the rest of your life in the process. It’s an overwhelming and tedious. Happy bridal season!