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WHO IS YUNG FLIZZY? Birthday Video


Yung Flizzy decided at a young age to be a rapper. He was in elementary school when he first unveiled his talent at the “Yung” age of eight. He is a native of the Churchill area of Richmond and named after strong men in his family. His name is a play on this, given to him by his friends. As he spent time around his older cousins and listened to them freestyle back and forth in the garage, it only served to solidify his musical decision. He was determined to honor the influence of the late great rapper Lil Snupe.

How Yung Flizzy Started

Surprisingly, Yung Flizzy created his first rap in the closet of his bedroom. His audience was filled with the children his grandmother babysat. He practiced and worked on his delivery.
Yung Fizzy is not your average young rapper. In fact, just taking one look at him, you can see he is different. While he continues to grow, not only in his talent and skill, but into a man, he is determined to learn and absorb everything he can to make not only his influence proud, but also the people who have supported him in this journey

Suprena – The Idol Maker of Yung Flizzy

One of the people who has been a lasting support to Yung Flizzy, is his Aunt. Once he decided to take rap seriously, he approached his Aunt and expressed his wishes. The rest is history. He has been working, performing, and conducting interviews as he hones his skills and talent. Watch as he explodes on the music scene.

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